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SHE IS A SLOW WALKER, by Junji Ito X Kengo Hanazawa (scanlated by DANIEL.AU X Slug Chicks)

A zombie story? A love story? A Junji Ito story? A Kengo Hanazawa story?!

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ANNOUNCEMENT – Junji Ito X Kengo Hanazawa, DANIEL.AU X Slug Chicks

L-R: Junji Ito, Kengo Hanazawa

It’s been a long time since I announced anything new!

A couple of weeks ago I tweeted that Junji Ito would be contributing to Kengo Hanazawa’s I AM A HERO anthology of guest stories. I’m happy to announce that I’ve translated that story and will be doing a joint release with the magnificent Slug Chicks.

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Repost: BOYS ON THE RUN by Kengo Hanazawa (ch 95-100)

Hi guys, it has been a hectic holiday season for Robin and myself and things are not looking great for the Christmas gift. It will now have to become a secular holiday gift in time for the New Year.

It occurs to me however that I never got to post the previous release on the blog, only on Twitter. So as no consolation at all, here it is:

Chapters 95-100

And the completed volume link:

Boys on the Run Volume 09

It’s a shame because I really like receiving internet presents myself and reading them during the Christmas downtime. But it will have to wait another week!

Junji Ito Motion Comics?!

Junji Ito comics, separated into panels, set to sound effects and music, and uploaded to YouTube. It shouldn’t work, but I have to say it kinda does.

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Second language, second you

unnamedWhat are you doing when you learn to speak a new language?

You’re learning to speak all over again. Creating another little version of yourself.

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Not an update


The site has been restored to a reputable ISP and is now back!

Nothing new to report, but do save some room under the tree or in your stocking later this month.

BOYS ON THE RUN, by Kengo Hanazawa, ch 93-94

header 93-94
Chapter 93 and 94. Thanks for waiting.

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BOYS ON THE RUN, by Kengo Hanazawa (ch 92)

Chapter 92. Excuses and dissembling after the jump.

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BOYS ON THE RUN by Kengo Hanazawa (ch 88-91)

Back! Volume nine begins.

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BOYS ON THE RUN, by Kengo Hanazawa (ch86-87)

The end of volume eight!

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