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ACTUAL AMY, by Daniel Lau

image by JrDragao, used with permission

Amy is an apathetic music teacher who starts to see a spaceship in the sky. A short read at 7500 words!

Choose whatever platform suits you best:

Actual Amy (Daniel Lau) (smartphone)
Actual Amy (Daniel Lau) (tablet)
Actual Amy (Daniel Lau) (print)

Started off with basically the same idea as Love Times Infinity Plus One, but stands alone.

Influences: Red Dwarf, Japanese junior high schools, Joe Satriani.

I’m experimenting with a format that I hope will be readable on both computers and tablets. Still haven’t found a smartphone version that I like. Let me know if you have any problems.


  1. I enjoyed this story. I’ve always found the idea of parallel versions of myself — who are me, yet not me — to be disturbing, especially if there are countless other versions in endlessly branching parallel universes. I find that it’s best not to worry about it and, if there is an Actual Me out there somewhere, then I’m sure he’s not perfect either. Although I wouldn’t mind it if my Toyota were a dimension-hopping spaceship…

    Thanks for sharing the story.

  2. Crowbar! I thought we’d lost you after CRIME AND PUNISHMENT dropped.

    Glad you liked it. I do like the old parallel selves chestnut. There’s certainly a lot of different ways you could go with it, and the way I chose was probably one of the least ambitious.

  3. That was amazing. Dude, let me know when you write a book. I’ll buy it.

  4. Hey, that means a lot coming from a fellow writer. Thanks dude!

  5. I just listened to a Radiolab podcast about a similar subject, nice timing!

    I liked it. Kinda calming to read somehow. Maybe it was the first-person perspective of it. That ending was an unexpected explosion of energy, out of place and great at the same time. I don’t know if I liked love times infinity plus one better just because it had explosions or because the ‘mystery’ was a bit more complex and less predictable.

    Also… Can’t help but list a spelling mistake I noticed 🙂
    page 12: “I’m in [a ?] complete spaceship of my own actions…”

  6. I really enjoyed this story. Even if you say that this wasn’t the most ambitious way to tackle the idea of parallel selves, it’s something that was unfamiliar to me. I really liked Amy’s characterization throughout the whole thing, and the revelation really took me off guard.

  7. Bro: thanks man! I really like when lofty sci-fi ideas are grounded in mundane reality.

    Robin: I love Radiolab! Checking out that episode now.

  8. It was this episode: http://www.radiolab.org/blogs/radiolab-blog/2008/aug/12/the-multi-universes/
    What weird conclusions you reach if you really start thinking about the mathematical meaning of infinity.

  9. Wow.

    I am not writing this out of courtesy but my honest feelings, “Actual Amy” is amazing! Your writing skills are impressive, i could feel the tension at some points.
    The lenght was appropriate to read everything in one go, without dropping my attention, which i appreciate.

    Thanks !

  10. Thanks shaomi. The next one won’t be quite so short though!

  11. Well, most tablets and e-readers that I know support PDF so there you go, I guess?

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