The English Junji Ito Online Reader

This is an effort to compile all of Junji Ito’s translated stories into one list, old or new, famous or obscure, legal or semi kinda woah look-over-there crypto-legal. Feel free to tell me if I’ve missed anything.

Note: new stories are being added in the comments section by other groups, faster than I can update this page. So if you’ve read everything here, make sure you check out the comments.

Licensed and released:

Uzumaki, by VIZ (3 volumes)
Gyo, by VIZ (2 volumes)
Tomie, by Dark Horse (2 volumes)
Museum of Terror (selected stories), by Dark Horse
Flesh Coloured Horror (Horror Collection 3), by ComicsOne

Scanlated by this website:

Complete volumes:
Voices in the Dark
New Voices in the Dark
Hellstar Remina
Frankenstein (Horror Collection 16)

Short stories:
The Back Alley
Long Dream
Town Without Streets
House of Puppets
The Window Next Door

Scanlated by others:
(caution: don’t credit or blame me for any of these)

Complete volumes:
Mimi’s Ghost Stories, by ScansRemix
The Face Burglar (Horror Collection 4), by Dr. Senbei
Souchi’s Diary of Fun (Horror Collection 5)
, by Titania
Undying Love (Horror Collection 15), by Unknown
Black Paradox, by Titania
Junji Ito’s Cat Diary, by /a/non scanlations

Short stories:
Falling, by Ryan Sands and Evan Hayden
Hanging Balloons, by Dave Kracker and Michael Feld
Thing That Drifted Ashore, by Brolen
The Gift Bearer, by Slug Chicks
Blood Sickness of the White Sands Village, by Slug Chicks
Slug Girl, by Slug Chicks
The Human Chair, by iemonsy
Memory, by iemonsy
In the Soil, by iemonsy
Blood Bubble Bushes, by Slug Chicks
The Bridge, by Slug Chicks
The Groaning Drain, by Slug Chicks

Film and TV adaptations
Gyo (anime), by WhyNot  part 1   part 2
The Fashion Model, by montecristo73

234 Responses to The English Junji Ito Online Reader

  1. >As soon as you start trying to track down every story he’s ever written, madness yawns.

    That sounds like a good idea for a Junji Ito story. As the protagonist collects more and more Junji Ito stories, they start causing weird mutations and corruptions in his body. Eventually he discovers a story that only exists in one place: his own heart, where it has mutated into existence. After a long search he finds a shady black market heart surgeon willing to perform the extraction. It kills him, of course, but at least he gets a glimpse of that strip in his dying moments. Ending panel: the surgeon, disturbed yet strangely compelled by the fleshy comic, finds himself motivated to carry on the protagonist’s mission.

  2. Katy says:

    Unfortunately, Iemonsy posted on his blog that he will not be translating more Ito stories for quite some time due to being busy with real life. Looks like Slug Chicks is our best option for more stories!

  3. PLANET says:

    Actually, that affects Slug Chicks a whole lotta too, since he is a part of their team. Ooops. Anyway, after some outstanding time (one can see it very well in the comments above), things got kinda slow, so everybody must have patience :P

  4. Siyeong says:

    They had planned to translate Lovesick Dead Sequel and it was under the way already– except that the translator for that project was busy and couldn’t exactly finish it fast enough, so ended up translated by vyeen~!

    Don’t worry so much, people! iemonsy ain’t the only translator, so her being gone for now will not affect slug chix so much I think. There are a few translators from SlugChix working on the other chapters~~! :D

  5. Carol says:


  6. MawBTS says:

    Nice one; That was the first Ito manga to be made into a movie (an obscure 30 minute film from 1992 called “The Fearsome Melody”).

  7. Creepy Jazz Cafe Guy says:

    Holy smokes…! How was this one not translated til now? It’s easily one of the most compelling Junji Ito’s I’ve ever seen!

  8. MawBTS says:

    Junji Ito turned fifty years old yesterday.

  9. bichejo says:

    A gift from Sy on her birthday:
    The shard of evil: Futon

  10. PLANET says:

    @bichejo: look at Okada’s post from 15th of June first… you’re more than 2 months late to the party, and a weak one at that, at least this volume is :ASD

  11. PLANET says:

    Thanks! This is WAY better than the first chapter!

  12. Okada says:

    Definitely! The first one was somewhat disappointing.

  13. MawBTS says:

    Nice one. You know shit’s getting real in a Junji Ito comic when random-ass eyes start appearing everywhere.

  14. MawBTS says:

    …And if you’d rather kick it old-school, the Slug Chicks have released HC v7ch3, “Mold”

    The first eight volumes of the Horror Collection are now complete, and only a handful of untranslated stories from the others remain. Once those are done, we can confidently say that Junji Ito’s entire body of work is English-translated – except for a few oddities that I can’t find good scans for.

  15. Carol says:

    “Mould” has that creeping horror we all know and love…

    New interview!

    No subtitles though.

  16. Okada says:

    Slug Chicks translated “Penpal”

    Very interesting one (:

  17. PLANET says:

    Wow, this is a serious outbreak behalf on Slug Chicks’ & iemonsy’s anctics! :)

    Both Bronze Statue (Volume 14, Chapter 3) from Horror Collection


    Youkai Kyoushitsu (coming from Japanese Motto magazine)

    were released on Holidays on Slug Chicks’ site :) Rejoice! :D

  18. MawBTS says:

    Wow, that new story was such an unfocused grab-bag of ideas. Reminds me of Black Paradox ch1, where it’s impossible to see the logic holding everything together.

  19. anon says:

    Interesting. The one about the apologizing guy was totally phoned in, but then the one about the statue was 10/10.

  20. MawBTS says:

    Here’s a short comic called “The Summer Time Graduation Trip”.

    It’s not from any of his collections but from a book he helped illustrate.

  21. PLANET says:

    Wooow, a new story on Slug Chicks’ site! And a veeery good one.. This time tho, illustrated by Ito-San, but not scripted… and frankly, it was one of the best I’ve read in a long, long time. Absolutely tender in the suspense matter. Reminds me of other manga of his (can’t quite recall the name just now, but I’m pretty sure you know what I mean). Great cooperation, I wonder who is the writer of the script – anybody?

    But then again, maybe it’s the mead beer I’m drinking ; )

    Anyway, for me, a short diamond. Absolutely recommended!

  22. PLANET says:

    MawBTS: as always, good timing :D

  23. PLANET says:

    Well, what do we have here?

    It looks another slimy story released by the Slug Chicks! :D

    It’s Volume 9, Chapter 5 – Further Tales of Oshikiri.
    Getting close to completion, still some chapters left tho :)

    Have fun! :D
    Not judging, need to see it first ; )

  24. PLANET says:

    Well, so so. But as always, depends on the POV :)

  25. PLANET says:

    Quite a nice ending (?) to the Oshikiri story released at the Slug Chicks’ ;)

    Only 5 chapters left!
    Intruder | Maptown | The Supernatural Transfer Student | and both of the Sleuth Kids episodes (The Second Daughter’s Lover & The Assembly of Fallen Ghost).

    Wait, what we’re gonna read next? ; P

  26. MawBTS says:

    Iemonsy has released a new chapter, “Lingering Farewell.” It’s really really good.

    Ito’s still got it, people!

  27. RobinOttens says:

    ^ Wow, yeah, this one is really good. I really liked the previous one too.

    At first I was disappointed there isn’t more of a direct connection between the different stories; since they’re all called ‘Shard of Evil’ I half expected this to be another big multi-chapter story from Ito. But with this last chapter I don’t mind anymore, this series is turning out just fine.

  28. MawBTS says:


    Kazuya seems to have been modeled off Junji Ito himself.

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